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Table of Contents

Articles in the conference
Keynote Address

Enhancing English Learning with Young Children: Guiding their First Steps
in Cooperative Learning
Leslie Barratt

Universal Design for Learning -A New Inclusive Education Model
Chi Cheng Wu

Oral Presenter: Theme 1: Language and Linguistics

Development of English for Communication: Project for the Muttayomsuksa 2
Watcharaporn Hanapan and Puttharat Tasa

Development of spoken English Skills to Communicate Using Technique Speaker
by Heart for Students in Grade Five
Phatchara Phonyiam and Puttharat Tasa

Language Development of Kindergarten Children and The Influencing Factors
Nur Faizah Romadona

Menciptakan Pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris yang Menyenangkan
dengan Menggunakan Metoda Role
Hermin Listyani Musiana

Digital Storytelling in Teaching English for Young
Rosmania Rima

Developing Instructional Media in Enhancing Students’ Literacy Culture
Tri Ilma Septiana

The Influence of Learning Methods (Communicative Method &
Total Physical Response Method) and Learning Styles
(Field Dependence & Field Independence) to the English Learning Outcomes
at Kindergarten Students
Syefriani Darnis

Series of Images Implementation to Improve Students’ Writing Skill
in Narrative Essay
Riri Nurhijriani, Tatat Hartati dan Ira Rengganis

Implication of Estafet Writing Method to Increase The Ability of
Free Poem Writing in Fifth Grade of Pasirmuncang Elementary School
in Parongpong Subdistirct
Risca Sulistiani, Pupun Nuryani, and Dwi Heryanto

The Application of Modeling Technique to Develop Fifth Grade
Student’s Poetry Writing Ability
Dinda Luthfiana Rozak, Ruswandi Hermawan and Dwi Heryanto

Development of School Movement Literacy in Elementary School
Susilowati, Hany Handayani, and Lia Fitriani

SAVI Model Influence in Learning to Write Poetry of Primary Students
Hayatinnupus and Rahman

Games Book Sebagai Media Peningkatan Aktivitas Baca pada Pembelajaran
Bahasa Indonesia SD Kelas Tinggi
Acep Saepul Rahmat, Mulyana, and Saepuloh

The Application of Quantum Learning Model to Improve Grade V
Students’ Learning Result
of Bahasa Indonesia Course in Public
Elementary School Tanjung Garbus, Lubukpakam
Asri Maulida Ramadhani, and Arif Billah

Pengembangan Model Pembelajaran Menulis Deskriptif Bagi Peningkatan
Hasil Belajar Siswa Melalui Teknik “Brainstorming” Dalam Proses Menulis
Dian Indihadi and Dadan Nugraha

Low Reading Interest of Student: Solving Through School Literacy Movement
in Elementary School Based on Interactive Cooperation of Stakeholders
Mochammad Miftachul Huda

The Enhancement of Environmental Literacy Awareness through
Problem Based Learning
Lolita Kurnia Febriasari, and Nana Supriatna

The Application of Image Streaming Method to Improve Student’s Skill
in Writing Descriptive Text: A Case Study of Fourth Grade Students in
Sekolah Dasar Negeri 8 Ciseureuh Purwakarta
Firda Desriyani, Isah Cahyani, and Vismaia S. Damaianti

Oral Presenter: Theme 2: Curriculum and Instruction, Learning in Classroom Context

Development of Learning Experience Package for Enhance Executive
Function in Emotional Control for Children with risk of
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Oranoot Youngcharoen, Jiraporn Chano

Etnomatematika dalam Kajian Etnografi dan Perananannya dalam Pembelajaran
Andika Arisetyawan

Scientific Approach Based on The 2013 Early Childhood Curriculum
Heny Djoehaeni

The Learning Obstacles Analysis on Addition and Subtraction Materials
in Elementary School
Ropal Aria Silo, Tatang Herman, and Al Jupri

The Impact of Directed Listening Thinking Activity (DLTA) Strategy Assisted
By Audio Visual Toward Listening Ability of Fairy Tales
Riga Zahara Nurani and Isah Cahyani

Effect of Multisensory Methods Playing Puzzle Letters in Learning
Beginning Elementary School
Supriyati and Rahman

The Effect of Paired Storytelling Model Assisted Audio Visual Animation
on The Abilities to Listen and Rewrite The Folklore
Siska Kusmayanti and Rahman

The Effect of CIRC Method through Visual Media on Reading Skill
of Elementary Student Grade V
Riani Yulianti and Rahman

Understanding The Anatomy of Human Body with Pictures Book for
in Kubu Raya Regency
Reni Marlina and Dian Miranda

Colleration between Interests with Student Learning Achievement
in Science Subject
Eneng Anis Khairunnisa

The Effectiveness of Cooperative Learning Type of Think Pair Share for
Improving Elementary Students’ Achievement Motivation
Subarkah, Bunyamin Maftuh, and Mubiar Agustin

The Influence Model Value Clarification Technique Type Value Analysis
on Motivation and Learning Result of Primary School Students
Faridillah Fahmi Nurfurqon and Sapriya

Orientasi Baru Aktivitas Belajar Siswa Sekolah Dasar dalam
Proses Pembelajaran
Henti Sulistiowati

Apersepsi pada Mata Pelajaran IPS Sekolah Dasar
Ita Rustiati Ridwan

Penerapan Pendekatan Pembelajaran Terpadu Pada Kelompok Bermain
(Play Group) di TK Islam
Cucu Atikah

Pembelajaran Etnomatematika Sunda dalam Materi Kurva dengan
menggunakan Aksara Kaganga untuk Meningkatkan Kemampuan
Pemahaman Matematik Mahasiswa PGSD

Learning Obstacle On The Learning Process of Cube Nets Concept
In Elementary School
Laely Farokhah, and Vira Pratiwi

Implementation of Project-Based Learning in Grade 4 Elementary School,
North Cimahi
Inge Avianti, Bunyamin Maftuh, dan Mubiar

Implementasi Media Lacak Tata Abang dan Perut Lalin dalam
Mengembangkan Rasa Ingin Tahu dan Budaya Literasi (RIT-BL)
Yatni Turyatni

Oral Presenter: Theme 3: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in Primary and Early Childhood

Development of The Basic Concepts of Mathematics Using Outdoor
Learning in Primary
Saleh Haji

Hypothetical Learning Trajectory on The Number Pattern in Elementary School
Khaerullah Syafaruddin, Tatang Herman, Al Jupri

A Didactical Engineering of First Grade Geometry to Build Mathematical
Noor Fatimah Azzahro, Tatang Herman, and Al Jupri

Meningkatkan Kemampuan Representasi Matematis melalui Realistic
Mathematics Education (RME)
Destri Astrianingsih, Ani Nur Aeni, and Yedi Kurniadi

Building Self Confidence of The Students through Realistic Mathematics
Education Approach
Dedi Kurniawan, Ayundha Nabilah, Apip Fitriana

Improving Mathematical Literacy of Elementary School Students through
Scientific Approach
Munaji, Ernawulan Sayaodih, and Al jupri

Analysis of The Factors Restricting The Application of The Information
Technology-Based Learning in SDN Panjang Wetan I
Dian Maulana

Effect of Problem Solving Learning to Understand Mathematics Concept
Students of Grade IV Primary School
Ahmad Sopingi, Ernawulan Syaodih, and Al Jupri

The Influence of Contextual Approach against Mathematical Connection Ability
The Volume of Cube and Beam
Riska Oktaviani Tristania Pulungan, Julia, and Maulana

Improving Students Skill in Understanding and Applying the Mathematical
Concept or Formula through Role Playing Method
Sani Aryanto, Sari Rejeki Utami, Tisna Budiarti, and Al Jupri

Mathematical Argumentation: Instructional Strategies to Promote
Critical Thinking in The Elementary Classroom
Hadi Gumilar, Tatang Herman, and Al Jupri

Understanding The Coherence of Fractions for Primary School Teacher
Dian Fauziyyah and Nunuy Nurkaeti

The Impacts of Mathematical Discourse-Based Learning to The Confidence of
Improvements of Fourth Grade Elementary School Students
Abdul Wahab, Tatang Herman, and Al Jupri

The Influence The Use of Ecological Approach towards Creative Thinking Skill
of Elementary School Students in Water Pollution Concept
Sridini Sopiani, Lily Barlia, and Firman Robiansyah

An Analysis of The Critical Thinking Skill on Elementary School Students
Usman, Didi Suryadi, and Al Jupri

Implementation of Problem Based Learning Aided Portfolio to Reveal Science
Process Skill Student on Chemistry Concepts
Galih Albarra Shidiq, Momo Rosbiono, and Wahyu Sopandi

Problem Based Learning to Improve the Cognitive Ability and
Students’ Creativity on Biogas Topics
Tonny Fahruroji, Kurnia, and Momo Rosbiono

The Use Kit for Kids in Discovery Learning Model to Improvement
Understanding of The
Teaching Topic and Attitude toward
Science Elementary School Students
Sigit Setiawan and Andi Suhandi

Students’ Ecoliteracy Improvement in Utilizing Plastic Garbage through
Project Based
Learning in IV Grade Students SDN 3 Gudangkahuripan
West Bandung Regency
Abdul Talib T. S. Mamu and Sapriya

Effect of Science Writing Skills to Understanding The Concept of Heat
and Sound Energy Primary School Students
Andi Utama

Implementation of Demonstration Methods in Efforts to Increase
Understanding Ability of Science Students in Heat Energy Cost of Discussion
Muhammad Rizal Fauzi

The Application of Generative Learning Model to Enhance Creative Thinking
Ability of Junior High School Students
Yumiati and Saleh Haji

Penggunaan Model Inquiri untuk Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Peserta
Didik Kelas VI SDN Waluya Pada Mata Pelajaran IPA
Mohamad Panji Muslim

The Analysis of Mathematical Story Problem Solving Skills in Primary School
Aa Wawan, Tatang Herman, and Al Jupri

Peningkatan Ecoliteracy dalam Budidaya Tanaman melalui Discovery Learning
Ira Restu Kurnia and Nana Supriatna

Students’ Conceptual Change On The Nature Of Light Lesson Through
Experiential Learning
Gilang Camilla Alamanda and Wahyu Sopandi

Oral Presenter: Theme 4: Educational Climate: cultural, character and social context

The Models of Early Childhood Learning Plan Based on Local Wisdom
through The Rural Metri Tuk Tradition
Roostrianawahti Soekmono

Nilai Karakter Berbasis Permainan Tradisional pada Mata Pelajaran PLBJ
Siswa Sekolah Dasar Wilayah Jakarta Selatan
Rudi Ritonga and Sulistyani Puteri Ramadhani

Profil Perilaku Prososial Anak Usia Dini
Evi Afiati

Peran Bimbingan dan Konseling dalam Mengembangkan
Karakter Anti-Korupsi Peserta Didik
Esya Anesty Mashudi

Peran Orang Tua Mencegah Terjadinya Kekerasan Verbal atau
Pembulian Sejak Usia Dini
Tri Sayekti

Internalisasi Nilai-Nilai Disiplin Di Sekolah Dan Di Rumah Melalui
Penggunaan Model Istiqomah Sebagai Upaya Penanggulangan
Degradasi Karakter Siswa Sekolah Dasar
Firman Robiansyah, Elis Susanti Ningsih, and Arini

Pendidikan Karakter Anak Usia Dini pada PAUD di Sekaran, Semarang
Pentarina Intan Lakamitawati

Prosocial Behavior Analysys of Primary Students
Uus Kuswendi, Disman, and Solehuddin

The Improvement of Ecoliteracy for Plant Empathy through Vertical Garden
in Social Science Learning
Hana Sakura Putu Arga and Nana Supriatna

Upgrading Decision Making Skill by Group Investigation Type of Cooperative
Learning on Social Science Studies
Sinta Wahyuni and Sapriya

Penerapan Model Pembelajaran Kooperatif Tipe Numbered Head Together
(NHT) untuk meningkatkan Keterampilan Sosial Siswa Sekolah Dasar
Irwan, Bunyamin Maftuh, and Mubiar Agustin

Increasing Critical Thinking Ability of Elementary Students in A Rural Area
through Guided Inquiry Learning Method in The Social Studies Learning
Muliyati and Sapriya

The Effect of Problem Based Learning Implementation towards The Elementary
School Students’ Problem-Solving Skill in Learning Social Studies
Ian Fitriliani and Sapriya

Improving Students’ Ability to Understand Concepts of Social Studies
and Critical Thinking Using Problem Solving Method
Anissa Rosalia and Sapriya

Implementasi Model Pembelajaran Berbasis Masalah untuk mengembangkan
Kemampuan Berfikir Kritis Peserta Didik pada Pembelajaran IPS
Materi Sumber Daya Alam
Nur Fadillah, Nuryani Desi Safitri, and Ratna Sugiharti

Social Skills Development Strategies in Kindergarten
and Elementary School Grade I
Ernawulan Syaodih, Bunyamin Maftuh, Mubiar Agustin, and Hany Handayani

Developing Emphaty and Basic Movement Patterns of Early Childhood
with Traditional Games “Kaulinan Barudak”
Momoh Halimah, Lutfi Nur, Istikhoroh Nurzaman

Kecerdasan Moral Pada Film Anak “Cloud Bread” dan
Kesesuainnya Dengan Pendidikan Qurani
Ani Nur Aeni

The Implementation of Problem Based Learning Creative Thinking Ability
to Improve
Student Learning in Social Studies
Dian Widiani

Pengembangan Konsep, Nilai, Moral, Norma pada Pembelajaran PKn
di Sekolah Dasar dalam Kurikulum 2006

Cultivation of National Spirit Character using Value Clarification Technique
in Primary School in Melawi Regency West Kalimantan
Ferdinandus Husen Pantar, and Sapriya

Students’ Creative Thinking Skill Improvement through Project Based Learning
on Social Subject
Merry Christiana, and Sapriya

Effect of STAD Type Cooperative Learning Model on Critical Thinking Skills in
IPS Learning 4th Grade Students
Rudi Akmal, Sapriya, E Maryani

Peningkatan Motivasi Belajar Siswa pada Pembelajaran IPS melalui
Pembelajaran Berbasis Masalah

Analysis Of Student’s Social Skills
(Case Study on extracurricular activities in SDN Taman Kopo Indah)
Deden Herdiana Altaftazani

The Improvement of Students Eco literacy in Eating Healthy Food together
at Schools through Project Based Learning on Social Subject
Risma Prasasti and Nana Supriatna

Implementation Analysis Of Entrepreneurship Education And
Dynamics of Entrepreneurship Values In Elementary School Students
And Its Affecting Factors
Gilang Mas Ramadhan, Disman, and Mubiar Agustin

Menumbuhkan Minat Baca Sejak Dini Pada Anak
Ima Ni’mah Chudari

Oral Presenter: Theme 5: Education for Diversities: gender, art, special needs

Representasi Hambatan Perilaku Sosial Anak Dyslexiadi SD Kelas Rendah
Kecamatan Kutayasa Kabupaten Banjarnegara Jawa Tengah
Khoerul Izzati

Paradigma tentang Pendidikan Seni di Sekolah Dasar sebagai Bagian
dari Sebuah Proses
Tulus Lamboy, Muhamad Rifaldi, Wandi, Mela Rosmala Sari, and Desy Aryani 

Oral Presenter: Theme 6: Professional Development (pre-service and in-service)

Penerapan Metode Pengalaman Lapangan untuk meningkatkan Pemahaman
Konsep Mahasiswa pada Mata Kuliah Pendidikan Sosial Budaya
Encep Supriatna

Teacherpreneurship Based Local Wisdom as an Attempt to Develop
The Character of The 21st Century Teachers in Primary Schools
Sani Aryanto, Nady Febri Ariffiando, and Eli Nurlela Andriani

Profesionalisme Guru Pendidikan Jasmani Sekolah Dasar
terhadap Pembelajaran yang Berkualitas
Budhi Tristyanto and Ajo Sutarjo

In Trust We Learn
Tatang Suratno

Oral Presenter: Theme 7: Educational Management; planning, policy implementation

Persepsi Sivitas Akademika UPI Kampus Serang terhadap Kebijakan Pimpinan
Herli Salim

Teacher Development Group Learning a Foreign Language:
The Supervision Process to Best Practice (2S7CIBQ)
Puttharat Tasa